Step 1. Contact the Nashville Dyslexia Center to schedule a consultation with Erin to review your child’s case. At the consultation, Erin will spend time with your child to determine the starting place in the tutoring program. Erin will also conduct a parent interview and review testing, academic work samples, report cards, and family history. There is a non-refundable charge for this consultation.

Step 2. After the consultation, you will receive a tutoring agreement that explains NDC’s policies and assigns your child to the tutor best suited to him/her. If the agreement is signed within 14 days of the consultation date, fifty percent of the consultation fee will be applied to the first month’s tuition.

Step 3. The Nashville Dyslexia Center will provide you with access to TutorBird for scheduling your child’s sessions, invoicing, and session notes. Your tutor will introduce him/herself to you.

Step 4. Begin tutoring!